Anthony Kidd

Anthony Kidd was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. He attended Washington State University on a basketball scholarship where he graduated in 1990 with his Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology. After working in Corporate America for 2 years in Seattle, the Lord led him back to Los Angeles where he met and married his lovely wife Sherry. Anthony and Sherry have been blessed with 5 beautiful children.

Having accepted God’s call into the gospel ministry, Anthony enrolled at The Master’s Seminary in 1998 and earned his M.Div. in 2001. Anthony then joined the staff of Westside Bible church where he served as the Senior Pastor until the merger with Los Angeles Community Bible Church forming Community of Faith Bible Church. In addition to his pastoral responsibilities at CFBC, Anthony is a frequent conference speaker for various churches and Christian ministries and has been serving as a Professor at the Los Angeles Bible Training School since 2000. Los Angeles Bible Training School educates and trains Christian lay leaders for outreach and service in the greater Los Angeles area.

“Life is about truth and obedience. We do not study our Bibles simply to fill our heads with information. We want to know the truth so we can then live out the truth. And then living out the truth by faith—not to gain God’s approve, but out of gratitude because we have his approval in Christ—we give him glory and fulfill our purposes here on earth. That’s what life is all about—living a life pleasing to the Lord as we obey the truth by his grace and through faith in Christ. That’s life.”